Lola Ramone (skid_row) wrote in bhsbeavers,
Lola Ramone

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band camp!

57 more days till band camp people!
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As a freshman I am excited and sort of freaked to go. I can't wait though! Now I just need to learn the music... -Tina
so what instrument do you play?
there is no need to be freaked out! Band camp is LOADS of fun :-D
I play clarinet, you? It sounds like fun =) -Tina
Switch to something brass.

Mellophone, trombone, tuba. Any of the three work. The brass line is SERIOUSLY lacking in these three categories.

DO IT. Plues, with trombone and tuba, it would make your chances of getting into a higher ensemble (*cough*Wind*Ensemble*cough*) much higher (and much sooner) than if you stayed with clarinet...

They're not hard insturments to play or even march... However I can tell you right now mello and tuba are considerably easier than trombone when it comes to marching.

SWITCH. Please! I'm beggin' ya! haha

Looking forward to band camp,
Low Brass Section Leader
Class of '05
actually band camp is in 10 days now!!! wooot!!!!! dont fret little freshman ppl its not too bad!! i survived didnt i??